6570260 3.7V 10Ah li-polymer battery
8773160 1363110 2269
Single cell size for the thickness of 6.5mm, width 70mm, height 260mm, capacity 10AH, the maximum discharge current of 3C current discharge of the battery, the maximum discharge current of 5C, the maximum charge current 1C, small internal resistance.
Widely used in mobile phones, notebook computers, consumer electronics, military, aviation products and so on.

1. No memory effect.
2. High energy density.
3. High operating voltage.
4. Safety characteristics are excellent.
5. Discharge temperature range of-20°C+60°C.
6. Charge/discharge cycle characteristics are excellent.

Model: 6570260
No. Item Characteristics Remarks
1 Nominal Capacity Minimum: 10Ah
Typical: 10.5Ah
Fully charged @0.3C to 4.2V for 2.5 hrs, then discharge to 3.0V @ 0.3C.
2 Nominal Voltage 3.7V  
3 Charging Cut-off Voltage 4.2V  
4 Discharge Cut-off Voltage 3.0V  
5 Max. Charging Current 10A (1C)  
6 Max. Discharging Current 30A (3C)  
7 Operating Temperature Charge      0-45°C
Discharge  -20-60°C
8 Storage Temperature -20-45°C for 1Month
 -20-35°C for 6Months
9 Dimension 6.5*70*260mm Maximum dimension
10 Weight 265g Approximate value
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