201030 3.7V 43mAh curved li-polymer battery
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201030 3.7V 43mAh curved li-polymer battery

JOY Lithium polymer batteries can be made at clients requirement.
This is one of our hit products,bendable,rechargeable,light and with long shelf life.

Main application of curved lithium polymer battery:
Fitness bands,watch,sports wearable,wrist straps,etc.

Radian: π/6~π2/3
Thickness: 2mm
Width: 10mm
Capacity: 43mAh

How to order?
1. Please send your requirement to us.
2. We make invoice for you.
3. Please check and confirm the invoice.
4. Once confirmed the order, please pay it soon.
5. After payment, all goods will be sent to you in 2 weeks.

We accept T/T, Western Union, Cash and so on.

1. We will ship the products within 15 work days after receipt of payment.
2. We can ship to you by FEDEX/UPS/TNT,other shipping terms can be arranged according to requirements.

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