11.1V 10Ah 9059156 li-ion battery pack
8081238 1078178 1273
9059156 10Ah cell
1) Ride-on toys
2) Golf trolleys
3) Semi-traction lawn mowers
4) Battery-powered wheelchairs
5) Electric scooters and electric bikes, and motorcycle
1) Long service life.
2) Low self-discharge.
3) Environment friendly.
4) Good safety performance.
5) Maintenance-free operation.
6) Broad operating temperature range.

Model 11.1V 10Ah
Nominal Voltage (V) 11.1V
Nominal Capacity (Ah) 10Ah
Source Resistance (mΩ) <100
BatterySize 27*60*160mm
Discharge Cut off Voltage (V) 12.6V
Charge Cut off Voltage (V) 9.6V
Max Continuous Discharge Current (A) 10A
MaxPeakDischarge Current (A) 30A
Charge Mode CC-CV
ChargeTemperature Range 0-45°C
DischargeTemperature Range -10-60°C
Weight About 850g 

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