Solution——Electric Golf Cart
Developing affordable batteries offering long driving range is the biggest challenge to increasing sales of plug-in electric vehicles. Batteries for these vehicles differ substantially from traditional lead-acid batteries used in internal combustion engine vehicles. Lithium batteries are smaller, lighter, more cost effective and safer when using electronically controlled cooling systems. Various chemistries can be applied, with lithium-ion appearing the most feasible approach at the present time.

Golf-cart Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries have the advantages of small size, light weight, wide range of operational temperature, environmentally friendly and also possess a series of other merits: long shelf life, high energy density, high security and reliability, low self-discharge rate, no memory effect, good consistency, humanized design, etc.             

Battery Project                                                        
Nominal Voltage:48V
Nominal Capacity: 20Ah
Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate                                                                              
Cycle life:  >1000 cycles
Charge Temperature: 0~45℃
Discharge Temperature: -10~60℃
Integrated Protection Circuit Module(PCM)

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