Several factors affect the lithium-ion battery cycle life
The degree of importance of the cycle performance of lithium-ion battery is needless to say; Further macro speaking, the longer the cycle life means less consumption of resources. Thus, the factors that affect the cycle performance of lithium-ion batteries, each related to the lithium industry personnel have to consider the issue. The following lists a few may affect battery cycling performance factors, for reference.
Type of material: The choice of materials is the first factor affecting the performance of lithium-ion battery. Select a poor cycling performance materials, process re-reasonable, made perfect cycle of batteries must not be guaranteed; choose the material, even if subsequently made a slight problem, cycle performance may not be bad too outrageous.
Positive and negative compaction: positive and negative excessive compaction, although it is possible to improve the energy density of batteries, but also to some extent reduce the cycle performance of the material. From theoretical analysis, the greater the compaction, equivalent to greater structural damage of the material, the structure of the material is to ensure that the foundation of the lithium-ion battery can be recycled; addition, the positive and negative high compaction of the batteries is difficult to guarantee more The high liquid retention amount, completion of the batteries on the basis of a normal cycle or more cycles, the amount of liquid retention.
Moisture: too much water with positive and negative active material side reactions occur, the destruction of its structure and thus affect the loop, while too much water is not conducive to the formation of the SEI film. But at the same time in a trace amount of moisture is difficult to remove the trace amounts of water can also be a certain degree to ensure the performance of the batteries. Unfortunately, the civil and military personal experience this is almost zero, can not say too many things. We are interested in a search forum inside information on this topic can be found, or a lot.
The excess negative electrode: the negative electrode excess of reasons in addition to the need to consider the initial irreversible capacity of the impact and the density deviation of the coating film outside, the cycle performance is also a consideration. For lithium cobalt oxide plus graphite system, the negative electrode graphite the cycle short board the party is more common. Negative excess inadequate analysis of lithium batteries may be in front of the cycle is not, but the cycle hundreds of times after the positive structural changes little but negative structure is severely damaged and can not be completely received positive lithium ions so that the analysis of lithium, resulting in capacity over early fall.
Electrolyte volume: the amount of electrolyte circulation impact for three main reasons, first, the amount of liquid injection, the second is an adequate amount of liquid injection aging time is not enough, or the positive and negative immersion is not caused due to the compaction and high fully, with the cycle batteries internal electrolyte exhaust. Note the amount of liquid and liquid-retaining less than civil and military wrote, «lack of electrolyte batteries performance and therefore will not repeat them.
The density of the coating film: a single variable to consider film density cycle is almost an impossible task. The film density is inconsistent either to bring the difference in capacity, the batteries are either wound or laminated layers difference.
The objective conditions of the test: the charge-discharge rate during the test, cut-off voltage, charging cut-off current, overcharge and over discharge test, the test room temperature, a sudden interruption in the testing process, the contact of the test points and batteries internal resistance and external factors will be more or less affect the cycle performance test results. In addition, the sensitivity of the objective factors of different materials of the same uniform testing standards and understand the similarities and important properties of the materials should be sufficient day-to-day work.
Summary: the same principle as the barrel, many factors affect the performance of batteries cycle, the decisive factor is a number of factors in the shortest board. The same time, these factors also have a mutual influence. The same materials and finished capacity, the higher the cycle often means that the lower energy density, find the combination of points, just to meet customer needs as far as possible to ensure the consistency of batteries made, square is the most important task.

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