24V 20Ah Li ion electric bike battery water bottle type
24V 20Ah water bottle e-bike battery 24V20Ah lithium battery pack
1. No memory effect, No reconditioning needed.
2. High energy densities, Very high power density.
3. Very low self discharge rate and slow loss of charge.

No. Item Characteristics Remarks
1 Nominal Capacity 20Ah Fully charged @1C to 29.4V for 2.5 hrs, then discharge to 21V @ 0.2C
2 Nominal Voltage 24V  
3 Charging Cut-off Voltage 29.4V  
4 Discharge Cut-off Voltage 21V  
5 Max. Charging Current 5A(0.5C)  
6 Max. Discharging Current 40A(2C)  
7 Operating Temperature Charge      0-45°C
Discharge  -20-60°C
8 Storage Temperature -20-45°C for 1Month
  -20-35°C for 6Months
9 Dimension 91*400mm Battery case size
10 Weight 5.0Kg Approximate value

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