AA 1.5V 2900mAhh LiFeS2 battery
AA LiFeS2/LR6/L91/R6
Larger energy,Light weight,Excellent high power performance
Model: AA LiFeS2/LR6/L91/R6/14505
Rated voltage: 1.5V
Nominal Capacity:2900mAh
Non-rechargeable battery

1, Larger energy. AA battery capacity is up to 2900mAh, AAA  is1200mAh
2, Excellent high power performance. Excellent large current discharge performance, AA maximum discharge current up to 2000mAh,  AAA maximum discharge current of 600mAh, particularly suitable for high power applications. In the high-power conditions, a lithium -iron battery equivalent to 4-10 only ordinary alkaline batteries. Especially suitable for digital cameras,  walkman, VCD and other digital products.
3, The self-discharge rate. Dry conditions at room temperature shelf life of 10 years.
4, Wide operating temperature. At -40 °C to +70 °C under the conditions of normal use in the world, as long as human beings can live a normal life where you can almost use lithium-iron battery.
5, The general applicability. Operating voltage 1.5V, at any purposes, replace alkaline, carbon zinc batteries. But in general application of occasions, can not fully reflect its high-energy, high-power performance.
6, Green. Do not contain mercury, chromium, lead to any toxic substances, passed SGS testing, green non-polluting energy.
7, Light weight.Weight of lithium-iron battery is the same type alkaline manganese battery 2 / 3.

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